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Greater Salisbury Committee -Serving as a catalyst to make our communites Better and Stronger

Serving as a Catalyst Since 1967 to Make the Salisbury Area Better and Stronger

About Us

The Greater Salisbury Committee (GSC) is a non-profit, membership organization made up of more than 100 individuals representing businesses, nonprofit organizations, educational and civic institutions.

The mission of the GSC remains what it has been since its founding in 1967 – to serve as a catalyst to improve the community.  GSC actively seeks sustainable solutions to the challenges that face the Greater Salisbury area.  We exist at the intersection where community, people, ideas and resources come together.  We are committed to improving the business climate of the Greater Salisbury area by engaging its corporate and civic leadership to develop solutions to the problems that affect the region’s competitiveness and viability.

GSC believes that private, public, and philanthropic partnerships are a key ingredient in solving our community’s challenges. By identifying issues that are crucial to our area’s business growth, and by playing an influential role in developing strategies and implementing action to create change, GSC stands at the ready. Opportunities for GSC members to expand their perspectives, build relationships and influence the business climate are ever present.

Through the GSC, members work with officials at the highest levels of state and local government as well as business leaders who are shaping the future of Salisbury, and of the Delmarva Peninsula. Members lead by serving on committees that address the issues and challenges that confront the community.

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